Shop the ReStore On Ebay!

The Santa Fe Habitat Restore now features merchandise on Ebay. We regularly update our account with unique, high-end items of all kinds and often in high quantities – furniture, lighting, appliances, boutique ware, and more!

Find something you like? Give the ReStore a call at (505) 473-1114 to purchase an item over the phone. If you want to see the item in person before purchasing, we can hold that item for up to an hour for the first dibs! 

Purchasing is available over-the-phone or on-site via cash, credit or debit card transactions. All items that are bought must be removed from the store at the time of purchase. No refunds or returns are permitted once the transaction is complete.*

To view our entire collection of for-sale items on Ebay, search “Santa Fe Habitat ReStore” on this website’s search bar or click the button below.

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