Donating Materials To The Santa Fe ReStore

The Santa Fe Habitat ReStore accepts new and used building-related materials from contractors, suppliers, individuals, remodelers and property managers. We also accept gently used furniture, appliances, artwork and household goods. View our FAQ section for a comprehensive list of items we do and do not accept.

When you have good, reusable or new materials, give us a call at (505) 473-1114. You will be asked for a description of the materials as well as your contact information. We prefer that donors include delivery of the materials to the store as part of their donation, so please indicate if you are able to deliver your donation to the Habitat ReStore when you call.

For larger items, the ReStore cashier will schedule a pick-up of the items. If we are picking up donated items, we will call the morning of the scheduled pick-up to confirm.

For the safest, most efficient pick-ups, please follow these guidelines:

Have all materials available on ground level (i.e. garage or driveway)

  • Please mark all items “Habitat ReStore”
  • Absolutely no hazardous materials
  • We are unable to haul away trash

As we are only able to accept reusable materials, our staff may have to decline some materials at the time of pickup. Please don’t be angry or insulted by our screening process. Our goal is to parlay the proceeds of our sales into the construction of Habitat homes. If we take items we cannot sell, we end up simply being a storage facility or a repository for the dump.