The application process takes four to five months. Once you are selected as a Habitat Partner Family, your home may take an additional 18 months to build.

Application call: If you believe you may qualify for a Habitat home, please call the office to determine if you are eligible to apply for our program. A staff member will discuss the qualification checklist with you. If you are deemed eligible to apply, you will be asked to pick up an application at our office at 2520 Camino Entrada, Santa Fe, NM, 87507.

Financial Review: After your application has been completed and returned promptly, your financial information will be verified, a credit report will be obtained, a budget will be developed, and your ability to pay a mortgage will be assessed.

Home Visit: Family Selection Committee members will visit your home and meet your family, ask further questions and discuss partnering with Habitat.

Selection: The Family Selection Committee reviews applications and selects applicants who qualify for a Habitat home. The Habitat Board will decide which families will become Habitat Partners.

Letter of Agreement: A Letter of Agreement between you and Habitat will be signed before you begin your sweat equity hours.

Advocate: You will be assigned an advocate who will help you through the home buying process.

Construction: Before construction of your home begins you will work on your 350 – 500 sweat equity hours every month. You must also save toward your downpayment of 1% of the cost of the home.

Move In: When sweat equity hours, your downpayment and the house are all completed, a mortgage will be signed between you and Habitat. Prior to moving in, a dedication will be held at your house to celebrate your accomplishment of homeownership.  At this event you will be presented with a ceremonial hammer and a Bible.